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The 4th Georgia Paintball Regiment

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Awards and Such

Awards We've Earned.

This, used to be a Blank Space.
MOST VALUABLE TEAM - Aliens Vs Predators Vs Marines - 24HourGames Production
YOUNG GUN AWARD - Jacob "KENNY" Howell  Aliens Vs Predators Vs Marines - 24HourGames Production
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Brandon "BOSSHOGG" Spence - Deadwood - 24Hourgames Production
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Brandon "BOSSHOGG" Spence - Saigon 69 - 24HourGames Production
YOUNG GUN AWARD - Trevor "SCROUNGER" Renner - Saigon 69 - 24HourGames Production
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Brandon "BOSSHOGG" Spence - Overlord -24Hourgames Production
YOUNG GUN AWARD - Jacob "KENNY" Howell - Overlord - 24 HourGames Production
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - "HASH" - AvPvM II - 24 hour Games Production
YOUNG GUN AWARD - Trevor "SCROUNGER" Renner - AvPvM II - 24 Hourgames production
WINNING GENERAL - Tony "VEGGIETALES" Sellers - Call of Duty -Thunder Vallry Paintball

Accepting the MVT award from Gen. Sharky

And Remember here on the 4th GA
Were Better than you , and we know it!!!

Inner Team Awards

The Painted Heart-Ringo-For VALIANTLY breaking his ankle while under fire on a mission, and completing the mission.   Hoorah!!!
The Flaming Service Medal-BossHogg-For running around for over an hour in a bright pink Tutu during a final battle.  Uuh Yeah!!!
The Dumbazz Award-Frogger-For sleeping on the ground with NO blanket in 20 DEGREE weather.  Congratulations!!!
The Medal of PAINt-BossHogg-For knowingly walking into a wall of Paint from 20+ enemys while Role Playing.   Great Job!!!
The Luckiest SOB Award-Card-The one person on the team who didnt need a new gun wins a Gold Zeus G2.   You Suck!!!
The NutShot Award-Wingnut-For not just one but 2 Hits on the Family Jewels in under 5 minutes.  Ouch!!!
The Spray & Pray Medallion-D-Roc-3 Cases, 3 F**king Cases, Thats 6000 Shots in one Game. Whered you learn to Aim.  Good Shot... Not!!!
Clean Shot-Creeper-After watching some guy use 600 rounds on 1 target takes the target out in 2 Shots. You Go!!!
The Pot Wrastling Award-PiPPi-The best pot of Chilli on Earth and earned our Team 100 points. AWESOME!!!
The MadDash Star-Kenny-For running like a Freak to make it to the front of the lines, only to be turned around after he gets there, time after time. BRAVO!!!
The NutShot Award-Kenny-For the nastiest and only point blank shot to the BOYS that any of us have ever had. OUCH!!!
The Pyscho Award-Wildbill-After Valiantly pulling his tank along side 6 dug in oppoents and being unloaded on while the whole time laughing his head off. One of a Kind!!!
The Dirty Ass Shirt Award-HASH-For Single handidly beating everyone on the team at having the dirtyest shirt at the end of the Event! Damn you Stink!!!

Honorary Member's
These Members have helped the Team become what it is, without ever stepping foot on the Battle Feild, For that we thank them.
Jennifer C. Smirthwaite - Inducted Febuary 14, 2005 (Flag Seamstress)
Deborah Kay Lambert - Inducted June 23, 2005  (TuTu Seamstress)
Leslie Kendall Shannon - Inducted September 12, 2005  (Camera Girl)
James Johnson - Inducted September 14, 2006 (Photo Designer)