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The 4th Georgia Paintball Regiment

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Captain.  Brandon "BOSSHOGG" Spence  

Name.  Brandon Lee Spence
Age.  22
Famous Last Words.  I dont care what you think!!! Im Charging!!!
Gun's and Mod's.  Tippman A-5, Flatline, 88-45 Air America Armagedon, Tactical Sling-- Gold Zeus G-2--Toilet Plunger Law.
Easily Described As.  Extremly Sexy and a Natural Born Tactician
BossHogg is one of the Founding fathers of the Fourth. He has helped this team come from 2 players to over 20.  He is the Teams PR man.  On the feild his experiance proves the most Valuable however he is not above wearing Tutu's or mini skirts if he belives it will give his side an extra advantage.  Bosshogg is by FAR the greatest player on the team, but uses his superior abillity to Command instead of his rifle to kill.  BossHogg is also the Website manager which is why he sounds so Damned good.

Most Valuable Player - Deadwood
Most Valuable Player - Saigon 69