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The 4th Georgia Paintball Regiment

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Ordenance Sergeant.  Alex "FROGGER" Smith

Name.  Thomas Alexander Smith
Age.  21
Famous Last Words.  Who's got Full-Auto and is Crazy as Hell...................Fine then be that way.
Guns and Mods.  Tippmann 68 Carbine,  Smart Parts Progressive Barrel,  Hand Pump Launcher (hes real good with that)
Easily Described As.  A Stealthy SOB, Base Buster, Dumb A$$
Frogger is one of the teams core members always insuring the best in spelling and gramer quality. he is alwayse coming up with a crazy idea or being sent out on somones for the betterment of the team
he became the ferst member to bring truly sucesfule artiliry to the team.
loial to his gear willing to take crap for chosing to use a gun that is older than most players only proves his skills
yes this is the legandery delusions of Frogger